myrollercoaster is a program that has been developed at UnitingCare Goulburn North East; and named by the young people of Wangaratta!


The program was founded because we found through research and talking with people in Wangaratta that there is a need for a counselling and support program for young people who are experiencing grief and loss themselves, or who are supporting someone they care about with grief and loss.


As a result we have co-designed a program for young people (aged 13-25 years) who live, attend school or work in Wangaratta who need support.


Our way of delivering this support is different. We are embracing technology and using it to provide a place where information can be located, thoughts and feelings expressed and where resources can be found. There is also an online booking system (with the option of up to 4 locations around town to select from) for counselling; and we are also organising fun and creative activities around town.


Definition of Grief and Loss:

The definition we have adopted for myrollercoaster is:


Grief is what we may feel after a major loss. For young people aged 13 – 25 years, a major loss could be:


  • Chronic or sudden illness
  • A relationship ending
  • Moving house
  • Someone dying
  • Loss of identity
  • Changing schools
  • Not being able to do the things you used to
  • A pet dying

When we are grieving, we are coming to terms with changes in our lives and how we will cope with the gaps created by the loss. It's when we can't find a way to cope by ourselves, that's when we need to see a counsellor for support.

Want to know more?
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Do you want to be involved in myrollercoaster as an advisor? We would love to hear frm you. You can either call us on 03 5723 8000, or email us at